Willkommen bei twentyfourArtist, Sven Jaeger !


Sven Jaeger Inspired by the early electronic acts like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and the big Raves in Germany since 1994 he gets addicted to this kind of music. So his way to entertain the clubs as a Dj was predetermined. In 2000 he founds the booking agency Monochrome where he managed several German acts.
According to that, Sven promotes several Events in NRW with Acts like SIS, Afrilounge, Michael Meyer, Robert Babicz, Matthias Meyer, …and many more.
Since 2000 Sven played in German and European clubs and Festivals like the Ukrainian Kazantip Festical in 2004 and 2007 as well. Since 2009 Sven released 3 Ep’s on Love Hertz Rec. and entered the Beatport Charts with his debut EP „Casablanca“ @ #8. „Casablanca“ has also been licensed by Carl Cox for his „The Revolution Continues“ Double Mix CD in 2010. This EP got praises from Luciano, SIS, Ilario Alicante, Len Faki.In case of remixing Sven’s tracks he worked together with Stipé, Mikrodinamic, Nils Nürnberg, Irtelli & Gus and Ante Perry. In 2010 Sven joined Pole Folder’s new founded Label „Reworck“.
„Sabor A Mi“ was very successfull in 2010. „LA Tierra“ is the next one coming in May 2011.Two Tracks are coming in November on Circle Music and „Talk To Me feat. BibiJ“ is coming on Reworck with Remixes from Hermanez and Jose Maria Ramon from Ibiza Global Radio.


Sven Jaeger, Recklinghausen HBF, The Box, Recklinghausen, 2012-02-04
Sven Jaeger, tba, Oben, Siegburg, 2012-02-11
Sven Jaeger, Cellaa Music – Label Night, Hinterthal (Austria), 2012-03-09
Sven Jaeger, Recklinghausen HBF, The Box, Recklinghausen, 2012-04-05
Sven Jaeger, Goethe Bunker, tba, Essen, 2012-04-08
Sven Jaeger, Recklinghausen HBF, The Box, Recklinghausen, 2012-06-02



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